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Talks delivered in the past

Talks delivered in the recent past by eminent Mathematicians, Scientists, etc. in the Mathematics Department, RKMVERI.

Sl No. Speaker Institution date Title of the Talk
17 Prof. Olivier Ramare University of Marseille 2 Nov, 2018 Products of primes in arithmetic progressions
16 Prof. Jugal Verma IIT Bombay 1 Sep, 2018 Counting roots of multivariate polynomial systems using volumes of Newton polytopes
15 Prof. Sukumar Das Adhikari RKMVERI 21 Aug, 2018 Some algebraic methods in zero-sum problems
14 Dr. Bidyut Sanki IMSc Chennai 25 Jul, 2018 Embedding of metric graphs on hyperbolic surfaces
13 Prof. Jyoti Sengupta TIFR, Mumbai 18 Jul, 2018 A case of simultaneous nonvanishing of automorphic L functions
12 Dr. Arijit Gangopadhyay School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel 11 Jul, 2018 Diophantine approximation in function field of positive characteristic 
11 Dr. Mallesham ISI, Kolkata 8 Jul, 2018 Primes in sumsets
10 Dr. Ratna Pal Department of Mathematics, IISER Pune 6 Jul, 2018 A rigidity theorem for Henon maps
9 Prof. Anirban Mukhopadhyay IMSc, Chennai 19 Apr, 2018 How uniform is Uniform distribution
8 Prof. Partha Sarathi Chakraborty IMSc, Chennai 17 Apr, 2018 Haar measure on SO(n)
7 Prof. C. S. Rajan TIFR, Mumbai 10 Apr, 2018 Numbers of the form $x^2+ny^2$,  and an introduction to quadratic reciprocity. 
6 Prof. D. S. Ramana HRI, Allahabad 16 Mar, 2018 Additive Energy of Dense Sets of Primes
5 Prof. T. Asanuma   6 Mar, 2018 Jacobian Conjecture
4 Prof. S.M. Srivastava ISI, Kolkata 21 Feb, 2018 A cute result of Erdos on Analytic Functions
3 Prof J. K. Verma IIT Mumbai 30 Jan, 2018 Cartan-Dieudonne Theorem


Prof. Michel Waldschmidt University of Paris 6 7 Dec, 2017 Representation of integers by binary cyclotomic forms
1 Prof. Vijay M. Patankar JNU 10 Nov, 2017 Factorization of Abelian Varieties modulo primes