Publications and Preprints (Mathematics)


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  • Simultaneous Linearization of Germs of Commuting Holomorphic Diffeomorphisms, Kingshook Biswas to appear in "Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems", arxiv:0911.2766.
  • On The Smoothness of Blowups for Certain Monomial Curves, (Indranath Sengupta and Debasish Mukhopadhyay) appeared online in Beitr. Algebra Geom. 2011
  • Pattern Rigidity in Hyperbolic Spaces: Duality and PD Subgroups, (Kingshook Biswas and Mahan Mj), to appear in Groups, Geometry and Dynamics
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  •  Semiconjugacies Between Relatively Hyperbolic Boundaries, submitted, (Shubhabrata DasMahan Mj), arXiv:1007.2547
  • Uniformization of simply connected finite type log-Riemann surfaces (Kingshook Biswas and Ricardo Perez-Marco), preprint 2010, arXiv:1011.0812.
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  • Positive area and inaccessible fixed points for hedgehogs, Kingshook Biswas preprint 2010, arXiv:1010.4496. 
  • Quasiconformal Deformations of Nonlinearizable germs, Kingshook Biswas submitted, arxiv:1001.0290. 
  • Cannon-Thurston Maps for Kleinian Groups, Mahan Mj, preprint, arxiv:1002.0996


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  • Cannon-Thurston Maps for Pared Manifolds of Bounded Geometry, Mahan Mj Geometry and Topology 13 (2009) 189-245, arXiv:math/0503581
  • Pattern Rigidity and the Hilbert-Smith Conjecture, Mahan Mj, submitted, arXiv:0906.4243 
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  • Flows, Fixed Points and Rigidity for Kleinian Groups, Kingshook Biswas submitted, arXiv:0903.2419 preprint 
  • THE REES ALGEBRA FOR CERTAIN MONOMIAL CURVES, submitted,  2009, (Indranath Sengupta and Debasish Mukhopadhyay)


  • HF-hash : Hash Functions Using Restricted HFE Challenge-1, submitted, 2008, with D. Dey, P. R. Mishra, Indranath Sengupta
  • Relative Rigidity, Quasiconvexity and C-Complexes, Mahan Mj Algebraic and Geometric Topology 8 (2008) pp. 1691-1716 , arXiv:0704.1922
  • Hedgehogs of Hausdorff Dimension One, Kingshook Biswas Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, Volume 28, Issue 06, December 2008, pp 1713-1727


  • Ending Laminations and Cannon-Thurston Maps, Mahan Mj, with an Appendix written jointly with Shubhabrata Das, submitted, arXiv:math/0701725, arXiv:1002.2090
  • A Combination Theorem for Strong Relative Hyperbolicity, ( Mahan Mj and Lawrence Reeves), Geometry and Topology 12 (2008) pp. 1777-1798, arXiv:math/0611601


  • Cannon-Thurston Maps for Surface Groups, Mahan Mj, submitted, arXiv:math/0607509


  • Cannon-Thurston Maps for Surface Groups: An Exposition of Amalgamation Geometry and Split Geometry, submitted, Mahan Mj, arXiv:math/0512539