List of papers by Samik Basu

- S. Basu, A-infinity Structures on Thom Spectra, Phd thesis, Harvard University 2009.

- S. Basu, Topological Hochschild Homology of K/p as a K_p^ module, Preprint (2010), arXiv:1006.4347 

- A. Basu, S. Basu, Mahan Mj, Nash Equilibria via Duality and Homological Selection, Preprint (2011), arXiv:1111.0754 

- S. Basu, D. Sen, Representing Bredon Cohomology with local coefficients by crossed complexes and parametrized spectra, Preprint (2012), arXiv:1206.2781 

- S. Basu, S. Basu, Homotopy groups and periodic geodesics of closed 4-manifolds, Preprint (2013), arXiv:1303.3328 

- S. Basu, G. Mukherjee, S. Sarkar, Some computations in Equivariant Cobordism in relation to Milnor manifolds, Preprint (2013) arxiv:1310.6212