Sl. No. Name Title Alma Mater Research Area Website
1 Sukumar Das Adhikari

Professor and Dean, School of Mathematical Sciences Ph.D. from IMSc, Chennai, India Number Theory and Combinatorics Home Page
2 Stephan Baier

Professor Ph. D. from Free University of Berlin, Germany Analytic Number Theory Home Page
3 Ashish Gupta

Associate Professor and Head Ph. D. from the University of Melbourne, Australia Noncommutative Algebra Home Page
4 Debaldev Jana

Associate Professor Ph.D from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India Applied Mathematics with special reference to application of Nonlinear Dynamics in Biological Systems Home Page
5 Shameek Paul

Assistant Professor Ph.D. from TIFR, Mumbai, India Algebraic Geometry Home Page
6 Amit Samanta

Assistant Professor Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India Harmonic analysis
7 Br. Dripta Mj

Assistant Professor Ph.D. from University College Dublin Fluid Mechanics, Machine Learning
8 Sagnik Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Ph.D. from TIFR, Mumbai, India Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
9 Sudeshna Basu

Associate Professor Ph.D. from ISI, Kolkata, India Functional Analysis and Operator Theory


Adjunct Faculties

  1. Prof. M Ram Murty (Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada): Number Theory
  2. Prof. V Kumar Murty (University of Toronto): Analytic Number Theory, Algebraic Number Theory, Arithmetic Algebraic Geometry, and Information Security.
  3. Prof. Indranil Biswas (TIFR, Mumbai): Algebraic geometry, Differential geometry, and Deformation quantization
  4. Prof. V. Balaji (CMI, Chennai): Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory
  5. Prof. D. S. Nagaraj (IMSC, Chennai): Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Number theory

Post-Doctoral Fellows


Sl. No. Name Title Date of Join Alma Mater Research Area Website
1. Dr. Nilanjan Bag NBHM Post Doctoral Fellow 21.02.2022 Number Theory