Talks delivered in the recent past by eminent Mathematicians, Scientists, etc. in the Mathematics Department, RKMVERI.

SpeakerInstitutionDateTitle of the Talk
Prof. V. MuruganandamIIT Pallkad5 May, 2022Thematic lectures on exponential map in analysis and geometry
Prof. Oliver RamareAix-Marseille University, France9 April, 2022Peg Solitaire
Prof. Malabika PramanikUniversity of British Columbia, Vancouver8 Oct, 2021So, you think you can solve x+y=2z
Prof. TSSRK raoCARAMS, Manipal Academy of Higher Education24 Sep, 2021Birkhoff-James orthogonality in spaces of operators
Prof. Anish GhoshTIFR Mumbai11 Sep, 2021Is the square root of 2 very different from the cube root of 2?
Prof. Liangyi ZaoUniversity of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia20 Aug, 2021Moments of central values of quartic Dirichlet L-functions
Prof. J.K. VermaIIT Bombay12 Mar, 2020An algorithmic proof of the Stanley-Schriver Theorem
Dr. Rabeya BasuIISER, Pune26 Nov, 2019Classical K-theory and some results related to Serre's problem on projective modules.
Prof. Somnath JhaIIT, Kanpur18 Nov, 2019p^r companion modular forms
Prof. Satadal GangulyISI, Kolkata6 Nov, 2019A modular analogue of a problem of Vinogradov
Prof. K. N. RaghavanIMSC, Chennai21 Aug, 2019Symmetric functions: on their multiplicative structure
Prof. Yuval GinosarUniversity of Haifa, Israel 16 Oct, 2019Tile the group
Dr. Moni KumariTIFR, Mumbai25 Sep, 2019Modular forms and the parity of j-function
Prof. Ravi RaghunathanIIT, Bombay23 Sep, 2019What are $L$-functions and why should we care?
Prof. R. ThangaduraiHRI, Prayagraj19 Sep, 2019Distribution of Residues Modulo $p$
Prof. C.S. RajanTIFR, Mumbai13 Sep, 2019An introduction to p-adic numbers
Prof. Goutam MukherjeeISI, Kolkata31 Jul, 2019Free actions of finite groups on spheres.
Prof. Ashish GuptaRKMVERI24 Jul, 2019Hamilton's Quaternions and Central Simple Algebras
Prof. Manish MishraIISER, Pune9 Mar, 2019Self-dual cuspidal representations
Prof. Mahan Mj.TIFR7 Mar, 2019What is hyperbolic geometry?
Prof. Atul DixitIIT, Gandhinagar6 Mar, 2019On values of the Riemann zeta function at odd positive integers
Prof. Stephan BaierRKMVERI13 Feb, 2019The circle method and its application to the ternary Goldbach problem
Prof. Stephan BaierRKMVERI12 Jan, 2019Diophantine approximation with Gaussian primes II
Prof. R. Thangadurai12 Jan, 2019Digits and Transcendence II
Prof. S A Katre12 Jan, 2019TBA
Prof. Mahesh Nerurkar12 Jan, 2019Forced Linear Oscillators
Prof. Sanoli Gun12 Jan, 2019On Euclidean ideal classes
Prof. Shanta Laishram11 Jan, 2019Some Diophantine Equations involving Lucas se-
quences II
Prof. Purusottam Rath11 Jan, 2019Distinguishing algebraic numbers and algebraic in-
Prof. Kingshook Biswas11 Jan, 2019Moebius rigidity results for negatively curved man-
Prof. El Houcein El Abdalaoui11 Jan, 2019Erdős-Newman-Littlewood flat polynomials
problems and Riemann hypothesis
Prof. R. Balasubramanian11 Jan, 2019TBA
Prof. S G Dani11 Jan, 2019TBA
Prof. S G Dani10 Jan, 2019TBA
Prof. R. Balasubramanian10 Jan, 2019TBA
Prof. Shanta Laishram10 Jan, 2019Some Diophantine Equations involving Lucas se-
quences I
Prof. Mahesh Nerurkar10 Jan, 2019Topological Dynamics IV
Prof. Sayani Bera9 Jan, 2019Dynamics of polynomial shift-like maps
Prof. Purusottam Rath9 Jan, 2019Distribution modulo one and Diophantine approxi-
mation II
Prof. Mahesh Nerurkar9 Jan, 2019Topological Dynamics III
Prof. El Houcein El Abdalaoui9 Jan, 2019Sarnak Möbius disjointness conjecture and
dendrites II
Prof. Biplab Paul8 Jan, 2019Multiplicity one theorem for Hecke eigenforms
Prof. Purusottam Rath8 Jan, 2019Distribution modulo one and Diophantine approxi-
mation II
Prof. Mahesh Nerurkar8 Jan, 2019Topological Dynamics II
Prof. El Houcein El Abdalaoui8 Jan, 2019Sarnak Möbius disjointness conjecture and
dendrites I
Prof. Purusottam Rath7 Jan, 2019Distribution modulo one and Diophantine approxi-
mation I
Prof. Dibyendu De7 Jan, 2019A variant of density Carlson-Simpsion Theorem
Prof. Mahesh Nerurkar7 Jan, 2019Topological Dynamics I
Prof. Abhishek Bharadwaj5 Jan, 2019On a Question of Baker over Number Fields
Prof. Stephan BaierRKMVERI5 Jan, 2019Diophantine approximation with Gaussian primes I
Prof. Jyothsnaa4 Jan, 2019Primitive roots for Piatetski Shapiro primes
Prof. Jaitra Chattopadhyay4 Jan. 2019Bi-quadratic fields having a non-principal Eu-clidean ideal class
Prof. Sampa Dey4 Jan, 2019Statistics of moduli space of vector bundles on curves
Prof. R. Thangadurai4 Jan, 2019Digits and Transcendence I
Prof. Bidisha Roy3 Jan, 2019On zero-sum subsequences in a finite abelian pgroup
Prof. Subha Sarkar3 Jan, 2019On fractionally dense sets
Prof. Sukumar Das AdhikariRKMVERI3 Jan, 2019Some Ramsey-type theorems in combinatorial number
Prof. Michel WaldschmidtSorbonne University, Paris27 Nov, 2018On the Landau-Ramanujan constant
Prof. A B RahaISI, Kolkata20 Nov, 2018An elementary proof of Real Stone-Weierstrass Theorem
Prof. Olivier RamareUniversity of Marseille2 Nov, 2018Products of primes in arithmetic progressions
Prof. Jugal VermaIIT Bombay1 Sep, 2018Counting roots of multivariate polynomial systems using volumes of Newton polytopes
Prof. Sukumar Das AdhikariRKMVERI21 Aug, 2018Some algebraic methods in zero-sum problems
Dr. Bidyut SankiIMSc Chennai25 Jul, 2018Embedding of metric graphs on hyperbolic surfaces
Prof. Jyoti SenguptaTIFR, Mumbai18 Jul, 2018A case of simultaneous nonvanishing of automorphic L functions
Dr. Arijit GangopadhyaySchool of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University, Israel11 Jul, 2018Diophantine approximation in function field of positive characteristic
Dr. MalleshamISI, Kolkata8 Jul, 2018Primes in sumsets
Dr. Ratna PalDepartment of Mathematics, IISER Pune6 Jul, 2018A rigidity theorem for Henon maps
Anirban MukhopadhyayIMScApril 19, 2018How uniform is Uniform distribution
Prof. Partha Sarathi ChakrabortyIMScApril 17, 2018Haar measure on SO(n)
Prof. C. S. RajanTIFRApril 10, 2018Numbers of the form $x^2+ny^2$, and an introduction to quadratic reciprocity.
D. S. RamanaHRIMarch 16, 2018Additive Energy of Dense Sets of Primes
Prof. T. Asanuma6 Mar, 2018Jacobian Conjecture
Prof. S.M. SrivastavaISI, Kolkata21 Feb, 2018A cute result of Erdos on Analytic Functions
Prof J. K. VermaIIT Mumbai30 Jan, 2018Cartan-Dieudonne Theorem
Prof. Michel WaldschmidtUniversity of Paris 67 Dec, 2017Representation of integers by binary cyclotomic forms
Vijay M. PatankarJNU10 Nov, 2017Factorization of Abelian Varieties modulo primes