Two-day Workshop on ‘Number Theory and Combinatorics’ organized by Dept. of Mathematics, RKMVERI (Deemed University) – 14 & 15 March 2022

Dept. of Mathematics, RKMVERI (Deemed University), Belur Math, Howrah organized a two-day Workshop on ‘Number Theory and Combinatorics’ on 14th and 15th of March 2022.

Venue: Saradananda Seminar Hall, Prajna Bhavan, Belur Main Campus.
Date: 14th and 15th of March 2022 (Time is given in the programme schedule below).

LIVE Streaming: Whole workshop will be live streamed on RKMVERI YouTube channel

NOTE: Entry to the Seminar Hall is limited to RKMVERI Maths Dept. students/faculty and a few who have been invited.

Workshop schedule is given below.

First Day – 14.03.2022
09.00 – 09.50 B. Ramakrishnan, Theoretical and Applied Sciences Unit, Tezpur, ISI

Title: Evaluation of convolution sums of the divisor functions.

10.30 Tea
11.00 – 11.50 Satya Deo Tripathi, HRI, Allahabad (Online talk)

Title: Topological Tverberg Theorem and its colored version by Ziegler et al.

12.00 – 13.10 Lunch
13.10 – 14.00 Shanta Laishram, ISI, Delhi

Title: Prime divisors of consecutive integers

14.10 – 15.00 Sanoli Gun, IMSc, Chennai

Title: Wieferich primes

15.10 – 16.00 Ritabrata Munshi, ISI, Kolkata

Title: Zeros of $L$-functions

16.00 Tea
17.00 – 17.50 Stephan Baier, RKMVERI, Belur, Howrah

Title: Small gaps between primes

Second Day – 15.03.2022
09.00 – 09.50 Purusottam Rath, CMI, Chennai

Title: Calculus and Periods

10.30 Tea
11.00 – 11.50 R. Thangadurai

Title: Extensions of Fermat Little Theorem

12.00 – 13.10 Lunch
13.10 – 14:00 Anirban Mukhopadhyay, IMSc, Chennai

Title: Turan-Kubilius inequality

14.10 – 15.00 R. Balasubramanian, IMSc, Chennai

Title: An introduction to Additive Combinatorics

15.10 – 16.00 Felicitation



  • Sukumar Das Adhikari, RKMVERI, Belur, Howrah. ()
  • R. Thangadurai, HRI, Allahabad. ()

Below are some photos of the workshop